Civil law

Today, civil law primarily represents the family, i.e. the family of several branches of law, which consist of: the general part of civil law, property law, family law and the law of obligations, so civil law is based on different principles.

As a law office specializing in civil law, our task is first to acquaint our clients with their legal rights and obligations in the civil proceedings initiated against them or the proceedings initiated by them against other persons.

After we are fully acquainted with the case, with the application of legal regulations that apply to a specific subject or a case, we present and propose to the client possible ways to act and take all necessary legal measures accordingly.

The civil law lawyer performs the following tasks:

  • Compilation of all types of lawsuits, responds to a plea, originating notices of motion, counter-actions, amicable settlements, appeals against judgments of first instance       courts, etc.
  • Representation of natural persons in civil proceedings before all domestic and international courts
  • Representation in proceedings for compensation of material and non-material damage (physical pain, mental pain, fear, injury to character, reputation, liberty, death of a loved one, etc.)
  • Drawing up all types of contracts (contract on purchase and sale of movable and immovable property, life care contracts, contract on business cooperation, franchise contract, drawing up all types of professional contracts, etc.)
  • Representation in negotiations related to the conclusion of the contract, as well as representation in court disputes before domestic courts, related to the application, termination or annulment of the contract.
  • Representation in debt collection proceedings
  • Making wills-bequests

In addition to representation in civil law proceedings, we also provide services for creating or making wills and bequests.


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