Family law

Family law regulates primarily marriage and marital relations, then extramarital relations, child and parent relations, adoption, foster family care and guardianship, support maintenance, family property relations, protection from domestic violence, procedures related to domestic relations and personal name.

In the practice of family law, the law office Gvozden M. Grgur PhD relies on a rich practice that includes resolving a number of marital and family issues and disputes between spouses and family members. A rough division of the scope of work of the law office would be on marital, parental and guardianship rights

If you are not able to independently agree with your spouse or common-law partner on all aspects related to divorce or on the settlement of custody of the child, we are here to help you reach a peaceful solution.

The lawyer for criminal law and misdemeanors performs work in the following areas:

    • drawing up marriage contracts related to the regulation of property relations in marriage
    • representation in divorce proceedings.
    • representation in proceedings to establish or challenge paternity
    • representation in disputes related to the exercise of parental rights
    • representation in disputes related to the division of property acquired during the marriage
    • representation in proceedings for deprivation of legal capacity
    • representation in proceedings for protection against domestic violence representation in disputes related to the support maintenance of children and other persons

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