Inheritance law

Law of Inheritance deals with the issues of inheritance of material property, i.e. the legacy of a deceased person. The inheritance procedure can be initiated by an ex officio court or by a person with a legal interest. There are two forms of inheritance:

1. Legal – when the heirs are usually close relatives of the deceased or
2. Testamentary – when there are cases in which persons outside the circle of legal heirs and who were especially dear to the testator, may appear as heirs.

The law office of Gvozden M. Grgur PhD, specializes in performing businesses within law of inheritance. You can read more about our law office on our website.

The inheritance law lawyer performs work in the following areas:

  • Representation in probate disputes
  • Drafting up wills and representing them in disputes related to their application or contestation
  • Drawing up a life care contract and representation in disputes related to the application or termination of a life care contract
  • Representation in disputes related to the settlement or composition of the Testator’s estate
  • Representation in proceedings related to deprivation or exclusion from the order of succession
  • And other hereditary legal issues…

If you need legal assistance, you can contact us via one of the phone numbers and our team will do its best to answer all your questions and accommodate you in order to resolve issues related to the inheritance and legal relations.

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