Property law

Our legal team provides its clients with efficient legal services and advice in all proceedings for the protection of property rights, possession actual, servitude, law of lien, real estate legalization, conversion and property transformation proceedings.

The property law lawyer provides the following services:

In addition to the above, our law office also provides services for drafting purchase and sale contracts in real estate transfer and detailed verification of sellers, their business operations and the existence of possible risks and vulnerabilities of our clients as buyers. The checks we perform provide an extremely high level of legal certainty when buying real estate, and they concern the verification of both the seller and the real estate in all competent courts and state bodies. This verification consists of checking the existence of upcoming or existing enforcement proceedings against the seller, checking with the Serbian Business Registers Agency and the National Bank of Serbia, and then checking the existence of encumbrances and other legal obstacles to trading or later registration of traded real estate.

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Property law

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