Commercial law

Commercial law is actually a set of legal norms on the legal position of economic entities, but also on their legal business on the market. Specifically, commercial law refers to the issues of regulating the legal position of companies and other entities that appear in the economy, as well as their relations in legal transactions.

The services of the law office include not only the general harmonization of the business operations of economic entities with the applicable regulations, but also representation in specific areas. And precisely, the scope of work of the law office is reflected in the following:

Usluge advokatske kancelarije obuhvataju ne samo generalno usklađivanje poslovanja privrednih subjekata sa važećim propisima, već i zastupanje u konkretnim oblastima. I upravo, delokrug rada kancelarije se ogleda u sledećem:

The commercial law lawyer performs work in the following areas:

    • defense and representation of natural and legal persons before all domestic Courts in proceedings of classical, economic and organized crime.
    • initiation of criminal proceedings by filing criminal charges and private criminal lawsuits.
    • representation of clients in the capacity of proxies of the injured parties
    • filing appeals and other legal remedies against all court decisions
    • filing constitutional complaints
    • initiation of requests for protection of legality as well as requests for rehearing of criminal proceedings
    • representation of clients in the proceedings of realization of property and legal claims for compensation of material and non-material damage caused by the commission of criminal acts
    • representation in the proceedings of release of a person sentenced to conditional release

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