Labor law

According to the Labor Law in force in the territory of the Republic of Serbia, every employee has the right to adequate earnings, occupational health and safety, then personal protection and protection of personal identity, dignity and other rights arising in case of illness, reduction or loss of their working ability or due to old age, material security during the period of temporary unemployment, but also the right to other forms of protection in accordance with the law and the general act, i.e. employment contract.
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Lawyer for employees' rights

Every employer is obliged to fulfill a number of norms so that the rights of the employee would not be jeopardized in any way. Therefore, every employer is obliged, among other things:

  • to pay his employee an appropriate compensation for the work performed, which is defined by the general act and employment contract, but also by the law,
  • to provide working conditions and organize work for the purpose of providing occupational health and safety and in accordance with legal and other regulations,
  • to provide the employee with the performance of tasks determined by the employment contract,

If the employee considers that his rights, which are defined by the general act and employment contract, have been violated in some way, he has the right to hire a labor law lawyer who will present the employee’s case to the competent institutions in order to eliminate the cause of the violation of employee’s rights, i.e. to claim monetary compensation for the employee, and as a consequence of the violation of the resulting right.

In that sense, the law office can provide the following services:

  • Composing lawsuits against the employer related to the payment of salaries, contributions, severance pay, mobbing, etc.
  • advising and drafting a lawsuit regarding the grounds for termination of the employment contract
  • representation in disputes related to compensation for material and non-material damage due to injuries at work or in connection with work
  • Composing letters before the action, etc.

Lawyer for employers' rights

Every employee, as well as the employer, is obliged to comply with all provisions that are precisely and clearly defined by the general act and the employment contract that he signed with the employer. According to the Labor Law, some of the obligations of employees are:

  • To conscientiously perform the work he does,
  • To respect the organization of work and business with employers, as well as the conditions and rules of work prescribed by the employer in the general act of the company,
  • To inform the employer about all important circumstances that may be important for the quality and manner of work performed and determined by the employment contract,
  • To inform the employer about the occurrence or possibility of potential danger to life and health, as well as the occurrence of material damage…

In case of violation of the rights by the employees, the employer can take various measures in order to protect his rights. These measures, among other things, include initiating disciplinary or taking other measures against the employee, for which he can hire a lawyer. A labor law lawyer can perform the following types of services for the employer:

  • Drawing up lawsuits for compensation of material damage caused to the employer against employees
  • Compiling responses to lawsuits and representation in labor disputes
  • Counseling in all labor law relations, WHAT IS ALLOWED AND WHAT IS NOT ALLOWED!
  • Drawing up employment contracts for a definite or indefinite period of time, as well as all types of rulebooks
  • Advising on the harmonization of company acts with labor law regulations
  • Representation in proceedings related to collective agreements
  • Counseling and representation in proceedings for resolving redundancies, etc.

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