Indemnity for damage

Lawyer for damage compensation

The term damage means reducing one’s property (ordinary damage) and preventing its increase (lost profit), as well as inflicting physical or mental pain or fear on another (non-material damage). By hiring a lawyer who will represent your interests, you can indemnify yourself without direct engagement, i.e. receive adequate monetary compensation in cases when one person (wrongdoer) committed some kind of violation of the rights of another person (injured party) in the form of causing any material or non-material damage.

Compensation for damage caused in traffic, i.e. in the event of a traffic accident

In cases when it is not possible to obtain an appropriate monetary compensation, and based on the occurrence of damage in traffic caused by another person (wrongdoer), the help and engagement of a lawyer for compensation of damage is required. The task of the lawyer is to apply appropriate legal measures on the basis of legal knowledge so that the injured party can collect compensation for damages caused by a traffic accident, and most often in cases of not reaching an agreement with insurance companies.

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Compensation for damage incurred in the event of non-material damage

Non-material damage is a type of damage that is caused by endangering a person. In practice, the most common forms of non-material damage are the infliction of physical injuries and pain, the infliction of mental pain and fear, and the loss of life enjoyment.
The legal act, by which in all cases you initially address the insurance company or the wrongdoer with a request for compensation, is called a claim for compensation.

If you need assistance, and in order to provide compensation for non-material or traffic damage, you can contact our law firm, after which we will analyze the case and implement all necessary measures in order to obtain the maximum monetary compensation for the inflicted damage.

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