Areas of law

Criminal law

Lawyer Gvozden M. Grgur, PhD is specialized in the defense of persons before domestic courts in criminal proceedings, as well as in proceedings before the competent Public Prosecutor’s Offices and the police.

Lawyer for damage compensation

The term damage means reducing one’s property (ordinary damage) and preventing its increase (lost profit), as well as inflicting physical or mental pain or fear on another (non-material damage). By hiring a lawyer who will represent your interests, you can indemnify yourself without direct engagement

Commercial law

Commercial law is actually a set of legal norms on the legal position of economic entities, but also on their legal business on the market. Specifically, commercial law refers to the issues of regulating the legal position of companies and other entities that appear in the economy, as well as their relations in legal transactions.

Civil law

Today, civil law primarily represents the family, i.e. the family of several branches of law, which consist of: the general part of civil law, property law, family law and the law of obligations, so civil law is based on different principles.

Family law

Family law regulates primarily marriage and marital relations, then extramarital relations, child and parent relations, adoption, foster family care and guardianship, support maintenance, family property relations, protection from domestic violence, procedures related to domestic relations and personal name.

Inheritance law

Law of Inheritance deals with the issues of inheritance of material property, i.e. the legacy of a deceased person. The inheritance procedure can be initiated by an ex officio court or by a person with a legal interest. 

Labor law

According to the Labor Law in force in the territory of the Republic of Serbia, every employee has the right to adequate earnings, occupational health and safety, then personal protection and protection of personal identity…

Contractual law

Given that we live in a world of ever faster information flow and the era of communications, the contractual law has become the most dynamic branch of law, especially having in mind new technologies, new types of businesses and services that contracts necessarily follow in step.

Property law

Our legal team provides its clients with efficient legal services and advice in all proceedings for the protection of property rights, possession actual, servitude, law of lien, real estate legalization, conversion and property transformation proceedings.