Contractual law

Given that we live in a world of ever faster information flow and the era of communications, the contractual law has become the most dynamic branch of law, especially having in mind new technologies, new types of businesses and services that contracts necessarily follow in step.

The contractual law lawyer provides the following services:

Our contractual law lawyer has extensive experience in this area of ​​law. We provide our clients in the country and abroad with services of drafting all types of contracts, preliminary contracts, acts of securing contracts, annexes, and even conducting negotiations. Also, the contractual law lawyer provides services of giving legal advice and opinions from the beginning of negotiations to the full realization of all contractual obligations. When drafting contracts, we strive to provide our clients with maximum protection of their rights and to form precise mechanisms of defense against bending of the law and non-fulfillment of contractual obligations of the contracting parties.

In addition to the above, our law office is at the disposal to its clients to resolve all critical situations that may arise from contracted legal transactions. We emphasize this bearing in mind that the area of ​​contractual law is the one most susceptible to abuses, simulations, bending of the law, bending of the contractual provisions themselves, and avoidance of fulfillment of contractual obligations.

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